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Frida Kahlo

$9750.00 US

49" x 66"

Frida has well over 100 individual elements within this piece. I wanted to represent her as a young woman full of life and hope. Her life story is what inspired me to create this. My first introduction to Frida was when we went to the Museo de Arte Moderno in Mexico City and saw her original artwork called “The Two Fridas,” her most famous painting. This painting is an expression of her desperation and loneliness with the separation from the famous Mexican muralist Diego Rivera. Frida Kahlo was born in 1907 and at the age of six contracted polio leaving her physically impaired. She also survived a bus accident that left her in a great deal of pain both mentally and physically.  Although Frida never became famous when she was alive, she is now one of the most celebrated artists of all time in Mexico because of the art she left us with.  We marvel at her strengths and appreciate her for all she accomplished. She had a clear vision of her life and she lived it without giving in to her physical restraints. She is an icon reminding us to persevere in our goals in life regardless of our struggles and hardships.



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