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I am a paper artist that focuses my work on Iconic Mexican

imagery creating a modern version of an ancient art form

called quilling. I use a technique of precisely cut paper strips

that are rolled then shaped and glued together into

three-dimensional fine art pieces.

Gail Marie Art | Gainesville, Georgia.


The first thing people say to me after seeing my artwork is “Wow, how long did it take you to do this?” I would like to respond in a Pablo Picasso way, saying “Oh about 50 years”, which is really what it feels like at this point in my art career. I have been an artist most of my life, my background is in photography but I have always been drawn to many different artistic mediums.

     When I saw my first quilled piece of artwork, a spark ignited in my brain, it was colorful, incredibly detailed and amazingly versatile. I loved that it was an ancient art form established by Nuns who used quilling to cover and protect the church hymnals and that it was all done in paper.

     I tried my first quilling piece and I was hooked! I became obsessed! As it turned out, I was pretty good at it. All the years of learning and doing other artwork has lead me happily to this art form.

     I lived in Mexico a total of 15 years and traveled there for 15 more. The influence of Mexican art and Mexican icons has dominated my visions. I honor my time here in Mexico with the art I created. I especially center my work on the women of Mexico and all they bring to my life and the world. Continue Reading.


Gail Marie Barros
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